The flower becomes me, I become the tube.


Photography, Installation

Graduation Works Exhibition 2022
Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts
Tokyo University of the Arts

2022.01.28.(FRI/金)- 02.02.(WED/水)9:30 - 17:30
Last Entry 17:00.  *Advance reservation required.
入館は17時まで  ※オンライン事前予約制

Venue: The University Art Museum and within Ueno Campus,12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 
Organized by: Tokyo University of the Arts
会場: 東京都台東区上野公園12−8東京藝術大学 大学美術館・大学構内
主催: 東京藝術大学

I am fascinated by the connections and changes between everything, not only on a material level, but also in time, karma, cause and effect.

In my eyes, the whole world is like an invisible hollow tube, and I, myself, am part of it. The food I eat, the feces I excrete, the garbage I throw out, the wildflowers I see, the time I experience, the daily memories that remain. I prefer to incorporate the things that appear in my daily life into my works, and they flow and change with time in the tube of "I". And because of me, they have a special path that continues to circulate in the larger world.


The flower becomes me,

210*294*3mm, Variable quantity
Photography printed on Acrylic

I felt so isolated during the past two years. No matter the heart or the body.

Bottles, garbage, leftovers, stones, wood, plastic. All the things that appeared in my life might came from anywhere in the world. They were traded by human, they were floated across the sea...
Day after day, They meet, they talk, they interact, with the wild flowers and plants in the city that I’m living - Toride. So, they all become vases.

These daily flower arrangements gradually replaced me. Became something that I eager. Someday they will leave, someday they will return. Through a tube. Through me.


I become the tube.

Variable size
Mixed media

Photo:Kenta KAWAGOE, ©️Global Art Practice, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts, 2021

Me, myself is a tube from mouth to ass, just like anything else in this world.

I purchase necessities - most of them are marked "Made in China" - frm the market which is 1 KM away from where I live; I also received goods from my hometown which is located in the west of China, 3400KM away. Then, no matter where they came from, I take out necessary things from the man-made plastic bags; I eat, drink and use them; Then I digest, absorb, discharge and throw them away.

Although boundaries occur between countries and areas right now, things and energy come and go, they never stop circulate. And the garbage, become the certification of our daily life, just as bones after we die, as well as the branches after the vine died.

Artists(Graduation Students 2022)
Mariana Kameta
Naeun Hwang
Sayoko Suwabe
Clementine Nuttall
Xiaotai Cao
Chen Wei Ting
Mao Nakagawa
Yingwen Huang
Jialan Wang

Nobuyuki Fujiwara | Professor  
Yusaku Imamura | Professor / Course Leader  
Mina Lee | Associate Professor
Chiaki Soma | Associate Professor
Hiraku Suzuki | Associate Professor
Yuko Mohri | Lecturer
Kanoko Tamura | Adjunct Instructor
Claire Fujita | Technical instructor
Yoshinori Takakura | Project Lecturer
Hiroki Ishikawa | Project Assistant Professor
Nanaka Adachi | Project Research Assistant
Korchakorn Yui Viravaidhya | Project Research Assistant
Chiaki Haibara | Adjunct Education and Research Assistant
Koji Kato | Adjunct Education and Research Assistant

カメタ 湯沢 マリアナ
ファン ナウン
ナット クレメンタイン
諏訪部 佐代子
曹 暁泰
陳 威廷
中川 麻央
黃 穎雯
王 嘉蘭

藤原 信幸 | 教授
今村 有策 | 教授/専攻長
李 美那 | 准教授
相馬 千秋 | 准教授
鈴木 ヒラク | 准教授
毛利 悠子 | 講師
田村 かのこ | 非常勤講師
藤田クレア | 非常勤講師
髙倉  吉規 | 特任講師
石川洋樹 | 特任助教
安達  七佳 | 特任助手
コチャコン・ユイ・ビラバイタヤ | 特任助手
灰原 千晶 | 教育研究助手
加藤 康司 | 教育研究助手

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